Software Developers vs Drug Dealers

Drug dealers                   Software developers
————————      ———————

Refer to their clients        Refer to their clients
as “users”.                   as “users”.

“The first one’s free!”       “Download a free trial

Have important South-East     Have important South-East
Asian connections             Asian connections
(to help move the stuff).     (to help debug the code).

Strange jargon:               Strange jargon:
“Stick,” “Rock,”              “SCSI,” “RTFM,”
“Dime bag,” “E”.              “Java,” “ISDN”.

Realize that there’s          Realize that there’s
tons of cash in the           tons of cash in the
14- to 25-year-old            14- to 25-year-old
market.                       market.

Job is assisted by the        Job is assisted by
industry’s producing          industry’s producing
newer, more potent mixes.     newer, faster machines.

Often seen in the company     Often seen in the company
of pimps and hustlers.        of marketing people and
venture capitalists.

Their product causes          DOOM. Quake. SimCity.
unhealthy addictions          Duke Nukem
Nuff said.

Do your job well, and         Do your job well and you’ll
you can sleep with            have time left over to
sexy movie stars who          downlaod some .mpg, .avi,
depend on you.                .mov, .jgp, .gif

Customers in trouble          Customers in trouble are
are given NO                  told to call TECH SUPPORT.

No Refunds! No Returns!       No Refunds! No Returns!

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