April’s Fool Day – 2008

Happy April’s Fool Day :)

We hope you will enjoy this special day as much as we enjoy it. Play some tricks to your friends and have fun watching what others have think of.


* This year Google’s joke is about their joint venture with Virgin Galactic. The new company Virgle Inc is planing to build a human colony no Mars in the next 5 years. Apply now to become a space adventurer.

* Google Australia has developed a new technology MATE (Machine Automated Temporal Extrapolation). It powers the new search engine feature called gDay. It this you can look into the future and see how the world wide web will look tomorrow. Can you imagine the opportunities it creates… Knowing witch horse will win before you place a bet, if your wife will caught with the neighbour’s daughter and even know how the stock market will act.

* Introducing YouDigg. The new collaborative project between video megasite YouTube, and Digg.com, the social news site that is revolutionizing the industry. Digg to be used to promote videos to the front page of youtube! Theis idea is so good that actually we are sad this is a April’s Fool joke.

* uk.youtube.com All featured videos were redirected to Rick Roll.

* This BBC Documentary talks about the new species of Flying Penguins recently discovered in Antarctica. They are unique creatures not only for their ability to fly, but they spend the cold winter in the hot and moisture Rain Forest. Great one guys.

* The Register writes about a teacher who’s head exploded due to Wi-Fi and mobile phone radiation. Watch out those waves man…

* Steve Jobs Quits Apple. Apparently he got bored and out of new ideas and would sell the company to Microsoft. As simple as that…

* njection.com Announced today that they have been granted the rights to install a GPS device into every police car, patrol officers, undercover and SWAT vehicles. With this technology they would be able to provide their users with Real Time Tracking of Police Officers online and on your phone.

* ESPN have announced that it will broadcast a live sports event between Democratic President hopefuls Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. The rules are simple – winner takes all.
espn4 Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama contest - April\'s Fool


* Marilyn Manson undergoes sex change. Did you know anything about his feminine side?

Gaming Sites

* Gamespot surprise us by creating this fake front page. Enjoy reading all about the new games – The Monkey King, Monkey Mania and Super Monkey Ball: Banana Blitz. The guys in Gamespot have great sense of humor.

* Guild Wars have a couple of jokes to play us this year. First – the new look in their official wiki site. They play a joke to their competition – World Of Warcraft, by creating a WoWWiki full of information about Races, Instances, Talents, and much more.

For the second joke, you have to own the game to enjoy it. Here are a couple of screenshots and a nice video.


Talk about weight loss eh? The funny sticky figures can act just like your normal Guild Wars characters. They walk around, dance and even cast spells. Take a look at their wiki site

* World Of Warcraft have a couple of jokes too. First check Blizzards new game Moltencore, created specially for the game consoles. An idea from World of Warcraft Instance managed to split off from the game an land on your Xbox and Play Station.

And Blizzard have finally reviled their new playable class – The Bard! If you are a crazy fan of Guitar Hero games, this class is definitely for you. Get your Axe, grab a rift and put some groove and make the crowd scream your name.

Even more from Blizzard. They have announced the new unit for Terran race in their upcoming game StarCraft 2 – Tauren Marine. Check out all the screenshots and videos of this unit.

Diablo Pinata!!! No party is complete without this adorable Lord of Terror! Check out the nice comic.


This page will be updated throughout the day, so check back often for the new links. And you can always send us your links by leaving a comment :)

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