Wooden Guns – The very best of harmless warfare

When I was a kid, we played alot of games, but one of the best was playing soldiers. We would split up in two groups into a pre-defined area and just try to “kill” each other. The “killing” was done by a small hand made wooden pop gun but instead of cork we used the fruits of a damson tree. The wooden guns were made specially to fit those fruits so we always had a perfect “pop”. We gathered as much as we could put into our pockets and played for hours. The wooden pop gun could fire the fruit for some 5-10 meters, but the fruit was so light that even if we got hit by it we hardly noticed.

Here is a similar version of the gun
Now, I have never imagined that our silly game could have evolved that much. I present you this crazy creations by some

Instead of damson fruits they use simple rubber bands.

Here is a simple version of the gun. You stretch two rubber bands and place it on the trigger. When you fire the first one, the second automatically loads and is ready to fire. Check out the video of this simple idea.
Check out the video of this simple idea.

Very clever eh? :)

Now I’m sure that the creator of this wooden gun was not very happy with the clip of just two rubber bands, so he got creative again and redesigned the gun. A little bigger and with now six bands for a bigger clip :)
And here is a clip of the extended gun in action.

This clearly creates a problem. With bigger clip, you also get bigger reload times. Something have to be done to manage this issue. Even bigger clip you give you just the right time to hit all your opponents before you have to reload, but firing the gun with a simple trigger can be hard to design. So he added a firing string.

Now, lets get to some different designs. Obviously the creator wanted something with a faster fire rate. Is it possible to fire 15 rubber bands in one second?
And here is the video clip

Now lets go EXTREME !!! This is the big thing, the monster machine-gun, the M230 of wooden warfare. This gun does not use manual trigger, it has build-in motor and can fire hundreds of rubber bands in less than a minute. Check out the video at the end and be amazed.
can you imagine the massive reload time?

In terms of inserting clips they pretty much work as before

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